Carroll County Solid Waste Collection Services

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Carroll County

George Boatright/ Operations Manager

Carroll County Solid Waste

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Collection Services

Collection service in Carroll County is provided by some private haulers as well as the collection programs made available by the authority. The Carroll County Solid Waste Authority now provides collection service to the three member cities, much of Holiday Island as well as a number of rural routes.

The programs offered by the authority includes collection of materials that will be transported to the compacter site located in Berryville and subsequently compacted and sent to a permitted land fill. In addition to the material that is going to be land-filled, the Solid Waste Authority picks up recyclables and transports them to the recycling center in Eureka Springs.

In most instances the continuing expansion of our collection services are the direct result of the authority and each city working together to address both existing and developing solid waste management needs. In other instances the authority is working with county government to identify areas of growth and to respond efficiently when collection service is desired.


Our brochures will explain the day of your pickup, the charges for residential service  and explain what we accept for curbside recycling.  Commercial customers may contact us for prices on our containers.

Sorry: Due to the Arkansas State ban on yard waste in landfills, we cannot pick up yard waste. This includes: leaves, limbs, brush, vines, etc.