Carroll County Solid Waste Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Brochure

The following items can be disposed of free of charge at the HHW trailer, located at the Recycle Center in Eureka Springs:
Automotive Products–
motor oils, oil filters, brake & transmission fluids, anti-freeze, lead-acid batteries.
Paint products–
oil-based & latex paints, stains, shellacs, lacquer, varnish, turpentine, aerosol cans, paint thinners & strippers, non-chlorinated solvents.
Lawn & garden products–
over the counter pesticides, insecticides & herbicides
dry cell household batteries, button batteries, and motor batteries
Cleaning products—
any household cleaning product containing harmful chemicals, including bleach and ammonia
Swimming pool chemicals

Carroll County Solid Waste

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Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Use it up!

  • Use products up before purchasing new ones.

  • Purchase amounts that can be used easily.

  • Read and follow label safety directions.

  • Do not use pesticides that are more than 10 years old, as they might possibly be banned.

  • If you can’t use it up, please dispose of properly at the HHW trailer located at the Eureka
    Springs Recycle Center

When disposed of improperly HHW poses a threat to both sanitation workers and the environment.  When placed in the trash, they may ignite or explode in the collection truck. Fumes and splashing chemicals cause injuries to trash haulers. When placed in the landfill, these wastes can leach into surface water and groundwater. Disposal of HHW down the drain can also pollute drinking water. In septic systems, HHW can kill the organisms that make the system work. This may cause untreated wastes to drain into the soil and eventually seep into ground water. Disposing of electronics in landfills creates a “toxic cocktail”  A computer monitor, for example, can contain up to 8 pounds or more of lead.  The lead is there to protect us from radiation. However, if lead is ingested it can have toxic effects on the central and peripheral human nervous system, as well as cause brain damage in children. Studies show that if lead is deposited into landfills, it will inevitably get back into the life cycle. Lead can seep into the groundwater, poisoning plants, animals and microorganisms.

Store products carefully!

  • Hazardous products should be stored out of reach of  children.

  • Store in a dry place and keep from freezing.

  • Store away from heat or flames.

  • Do not mix products together.

Guidelines to Follow

Please check in at the office for assistance

Items should have original label and be in the original container. Unknown substances will not be accepted.  If the original container is deteriorating and/or leaking, place the entire container in another container and include the original label.  Clearly label the outside container.  Please do not bring any items that are not listed.


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